What to look for in a dental billing service?

When choosing a dental billing service, you should consider the size and experience of the company and its level of customer service. It would help if you also asked about their billing procedures and how they will interface with your practice management software.

When looking for a dental billing service, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • The size of the company – You want a company that is large enough to handle your account but also small enough that you will receive personal attention
  • The level of experience – Make sure the company has a lot of experience billing insurance companies and knows how to navigate the complex reimbursement landscape
  • The technology – Make sure the company has state-of-the-art technology, including electronic claims submission
  • Customer service – Make sure the company has excellent customer service and is available when you need them.


There are 3 types of medical and dental billing to choose from:

(a) Small Scale Medical Billing Services

If you are on a budget and have small data volumes, then a small-scale or home-based billing company will suffice. They usually charge per task. So if you only outsource certain billing aspects, then it can save you money.

Not all small-scale companies provide coding and billing services, so find out what expertise they have on offer. And you have to ensure they have enough experience in the billing department before assigning any project.

(b) Professional Medical Billing Business

Larger billing companies have a lot of additional features to take more burden off your shoulders. You can really focus on patient treatment and care. Find out what plans they have on offer, the cost of additional facilities, and other features.

These require you to allocate a bigger budget for your coding and billing requirements. Usually preferred by larger practices and specialties.

(c) Physician Practice Management Company

Most practices require this type of billing company. They are capable of handling all the administrative tasks entirely since they have a larger workforce. The cost of outsourcing can run in thousands of dollars as they handle large volumes of data and tasks efficiently.

Now, its all depend on your requirement on what level you are & your need these services to be continue…

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