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Below is a list of our services that can help run and improve your practice:

Payment Posting

We will post your insurance EOBs in your practice’s system every day. Your practice will easily see your end-of-the-day-balancing when working with us because we believe in transparency.

  • We will post your payments within 24 hours after you send your scanned EOBs
  • You can also rely on us to retrieve EOBs for your EFT payments from the payer websites to post.

Evaluation of Denied Claims

Our billers give you a 90% pass rate during the first claim submission. We accomplish this feat by scrubbing all your claims before sending them out. Your denied claims will go through our evaluation process to appeal them for payment. All sent claims will also be tracked by our billers to ensure none of your payments slip through the cracks. The practice system you use will also receive tracking notes sent by us to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

  • All your pre-authorizations and claims will be submitted by our team within a business day after receiving diagnosis sheets.
  • Our team will compile all your necessary supporting documents with the appropriate narratives.
  • We have a 98% first approval rate for your Medicaid claims.
  • Your commercial claims sit at 90% when handed to us.


Trust is key, and we will send your practice both weekly and monthly reports. We will detail all your unsubmitted and submitted claims, accounts receivables, posted payments, and denials. You will receive vital data from us to help you see how your practice is doing.

  • Our claim reports contain detailed reasons for your unpaid claims, which also include specific time frames.
  • Summary reports detail how your practice is doing as our team checks your status with patients, government payers, and individual insurance.
  • Daily billing activity reports organized by our team will tell you about billing entries for service dates, payments, adjustments, and your total charges.

Audits and Analytics

Our staff cleans your systems and organizes your EHR charts to boost your productivity. We will streamline and declutter your patient data and search through your system to recommend future adjustments to help your practice.

Save Time

Your average wait time for insurance calls clocks at seventeen minutes, but our team can prevent you from needing to make calls. We can save you time and money by checking patient eligibility before your patient’s appointments. Patient eligibility information is kept on record by our team to increase your efficiency. The team we assign can get you more approved claims to increase your revenue.

  • We confirm your patient’s eligibility at least 5 days before their appointment.
  • Our staff checks return procedures for eligibility on the day of your patient’s treatment.
  • Your walk-in patients will have their insurance verified by our staff in real-time.
  • Customizing verification breakdown checks for your practice’s commonly done procedures is an option our staff offers.

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