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For Dentists who bill Periodontal Maintenance a lot but not sure why many of those are not getting paid.



This procedure is initiated following periodontal treatment and go on at, not set in stone by the clinical evaluation of the dental specialist, for the existence of the dentition or any embed substitutions. It incorporates expulsion of the bacterial plaque and analytics from supragingival and subgingival locales, site explicit scaling and root arranging where demonstrated, and cleaning the teeth. If new or repeating periodontal illness shows up, extra demonstrative and treatment strategies must be considered.


What to Look for?

  1. Ongoing periodontal maintenance (D4910) does exclude the occasional oral evaluation (D0120) or far reaching periodontal assessment (D0180). The occasional oral assessment (DO 120) or DO 180 is submitted as a different strategy on a similar date of administration. The oral assessment (D0120 or D0180) is by and large gave two times a year and is dependent upon the run of the mill one evaluations each a half” “little while evaluations each year” constraint. For a thorough periodontal evaluations of a laid out periodontal patient gave on an occasional premise think about revealing D0180. Note: The reimbursement for D0180 may be re-planned as D0120. On the off chance that the greater and tedious D0180 is performed, report What you do.
  1. Some offices report one D0180 and one D0120 each year for periodontal review patients. Some offices have two consistent, however unique, expense levels for D0180, contingent upon whether the method is accommodated the new entering the training) or laid out (review) D4910 patient. For example, the D0180 expense for review may be $10-$12 higher than the D0120 charge. See D0180 for details.


What’s Next?

  1. Periodontal maintenance (D4910) follows active periodontal treatment: scaling and root arranging techniques (D43411 D4342), gingival fold a medical procedure (D4240/D4241) or bony medical procedure (D4260/D4261). The periodontal support patient (D4910) probably gone through either SRP or periodontal medical procedure (gingival fold or bony medical procedure) before periodontal upkeep (D4910). Periodontal upkeep (D4910) is continuous and helpful in nature, not preventive. incorporates inserts. Normally, there is a multi day prohibition period following dynamic treatment. Dynamic periodontal treatment might be accounted for as D4341, D4342, D4240, D4241, D4260, or D4261.

The continuous periodontal maintenance (D4910) interval is typically ninety days yet the not entirely set in stone by individual need. A few specialists consider it inappropriate pinnacle a similar professional to substitute D4910 with a prophylaxis (D1110). Nonetheless, a patient shifting back and forth between the GP and periodontist could get exchanging D1110s and D4910s. The periodontist could give progressing periodontal upkeep (D4910) while the GP office gives prophylaxis on the side of good periodontal wellbeing. Be encouraged, notwithstanding, that a few payers end D4910 inclusion it prophylaxis (D1110) is given in the periodontal treatment succession. A few payers declare that the patient can’t be a periodontal patient one visit, and a prophy visit the following, shifting back and forth between a sick and solid state, while different payers could mind less, and energize It.


  1. Once the patient is in continuous periodontal support (D4910) following dynamic periodontal treatment, they could stay in D4910 status. Periodontal sickness is rambling. It the patient’s periodontal status improves (to great wellbeing), then prophylaxis (D1110) could be proper. This change might happen; nonetheless, it might require one year or something else for the issue to determine following root arranging and scaling (D4341) treatment. This change from periodontal infection to wellbeing isn’t the standard, however the special case. At the point when the patient moves from periodontal illness to a state of wellbeing and prophylaxis (D1110) is given, then, at that point, a resulting succession of SR (D4341/D4342) would be expected before D4910 would be repaid once more. SRP (D4341 or D4342) commonly has a 24 or three year recurrence impediment with most plans. Notwithstanding, most Delta Dentals will pay D4910 endlessly.
  1. Although most periodontal patients will require periodontal support for a lifetime, the American Dental Association gives dental specialists some prudence while detailing Dental Code (ADA Code) D1110 and D4910. See page 60 of the CDT 20 19 Coding.

Companion: “Assuming that the dental specialist establishes that the patient’s periodontal wellbeing can be expanded with occasional routine prophylaxis methodology (evacuation of plaque, analytics and stains from the tooth structures to control neighborhood irritational factors), then, at that point, this help ought to be performed and announced as D1110 or D1120, contingent upon the condition of the dentition. Nothing in D4910 or D1110/D1120 code nomenclatures or descriptors make these procedures mutually exclusive.



Patients who require periodontal upkeep have periodontal disease and have been dealt with non-surgically (D43411 D4342) or potentially carefully (D4240/D4241 or D4260/D4261). Periodontal support is acted within the sight of dynamic illness while a prophylaxis (D1110) or scaling in presence of summed up moderate or extreme gingival inflammation (D4346) is performed to forestall sickness. D4910 is performed to keep up with the periodontal state of the patient because of earlier nonsurgical as well as careful periodontal treatment. Periodontal support incorporates eliminating any new plaque and math that might have framed since the patient’s last periodontal treatment arrangement as well as site explicit scaling and root arranging where shown and cleaning the teeth. The descriptor plainly states D4910 doesn’t block the requirement for extra indicative and treatment methods if new or repeating periodontal infection creates. Extra scaling and root arranging privately conveyed antimicrobials (D4381), or periodontal medical procedure might be fundamental when there is evidence of new disease that presents subsequently.



Insurance Consideration:

  1. Reimbursement for progressing periodontal support D4910 is exceptionally factor. A few plans may not repay D4910 by any means or some might repay D4910 two to multiple times during a year term. The typical strategy gives repayments to two D4910 and two prophylaxes (D1110) during a year time frame. Despite the fact that the agreement repays specific strategies at a recurrence more prominent than like clockwork, you will undoubtedly report what you do. Since plan limits are profoundly factor while giving D4910, demand a substitute advantage of a prophylaxis (D1110) in the occasion D4910 is certainly not a covered advantage. Benefits are profoundly factor. A few plans will give reimbursement more frequently for diabetic or pregnant patients.
  1. Some payers (i.e., a few Deltas) will pay D4910 endlessly. Numerous different payers may just compensation 24 or three years and afterward the patient must requalify for SRP.
  1. D4910 might be repaid at a 50-80% expense (in contrast to the run of the mill 100 percent repayment for a prophylaxis), and may likewise be dependent upon a deductible. Payers might repay D4910 as preventive, essential or major. Repayment for D4910 is profoundly factor.
  1. A prophylaxis (D1110) is viewed as a piece of D4910 by payers in the continuous periodontal support system. The clinical record ought to mirror the way that a prophylaxis (scaling and cleaning) was finished as a component of the by and large D4910 system.
  1. Some payers expect that bony medical procedure (D4260/D4261) be finished to quality for D4910 repayment. Nonetheless, overall SP treatment will fit the bill for progressing periodontal upkeep (D4910) repayment.
  1. D4921 reports periodontal pocket water system utilizing restorative specialists, e.g., chlorhexidine, per quadrant. Be that as it may, payers commonly consider gingival water system a piece of the worldwide D4910. PPO agreements might restrict repayment for the utilization of gingival water system in periodontal support. See D4921 for remarks.
  1. Dental Code (ADA Code) D9910 portrays desensitizing medicaments applied to a solitary tooth or up to the whole mouth. Payers commonly consider the use of desensitizing medicaments to the whole mouth a piece of the worldwide D4910. PO agreements might restrict repayment for the utilization of D9910 with periodontal treatments.


What to include in NARRATIVES?

  1. If benefit plans change or there is change in work, it is vital to give the new payer a story for the main D4910 guarantee (to turn the periodontal inclusion switch “on “) depicting a background marked by dynamic treatment (scaling and root arranging (SP) or bony medical procedure). Give a similar data from the patient’s set of experiences when the patient gets back from the periodontal office. At the point when past periodontal treatment history isn’t noted in the “comments” area, D4910 might be denied by the ensuing arrangement. For documentation, submit current periodontal diagramming and a story expressing that the patient is in ongoing periodontal maintenance therapy.
  1. Consider filing a claim when reporting D4910 with the accompanying story: “If periodontal support (D4910) is denied, if it’s not too much trouble, give the substitute advantage of a prophylaxis (D1110). The continuous periodontal support (D4910) visit incorporated a prophylaxis (D1110).” The clinical notes ought to mirror the way that a prophylaxis was given as a piece of the D4910 methodology. Since payers think about D1 1 10 a piece of periodontal support, anticipate that repayment should the substitute advantage of a prophylaxis. Educate the patient that you are limited by regulation to report “what you do,” D4910. Per HIPAA necessities, the government mandates it.
  1. When submitting the initial D4910 claim, distinguish the date that dynamic treatment SP or rigid medical procedure was performed. Incorporate an ongoing periodontal diagram with a case of D4910. Think about a story: ” This patient went through SP on “mm/dd/yy” or “This patient went through rigid medical procedure on mm/dd/y at Dr. Smith’s office.” State which quadrants had SRP and on what date.

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