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No Money Wasted

We will get you 100% of the payment that is rightfully yours. Our business knows that dental insurance can make it difficult for you to collect payments. That is why we will provide you with seasoned billers to ensure no claim is denied. We can also process some of your denied claims to get you rightful compensation. Our team watches your claims diligently and will resubmit denials to ensure none of your money is wasted.

Dentists usually come to us when they have already lost so much revenue. Don’t make that mistake, and consult with us now and see how we can help your practice.


 We are not here to replace your staff. Far from it, we are here to help them focus on their tasks. Your staff can focus on the patient experience to help you get more patients through your door while we handle the billing. We know handling your billing in-house can tie up your phone lines. We will secure your reimbursements while your staff books patient appointments. With us on board, you will never miss any patient phone calls again.

We will handle the business side while you care for your patients.

Beneficial Partnership

We won’t hit you with hidden fees and large start-up costs. Our company has a policy of we don’t get paid till you get paid. This means we only collect a portion of your reimbursements as opposed to a fixed amount. You can be sure that with this policy, we will do our very best to get you what is rightfully yours.


 We can use your existing software to handle your dental billing. Our team is adaptable and can easily learn the ins and outs of any system you own. Just let us in, and we will do the rest.

Our team can also recommend other software if you’re looking for a change. We are well-versed in handling the many dental billing software you can find in the market. You can tell us exactly what you need, and we can recommend software that covers all your needs.


 We will be sending you regular reports about your practice’s financial health. These reports are our way of helping you stay on top of things. You will find out how much revenue you have produced as well as what areas you need to improve on. Our team can talk to you and walk you through some changes you can make to improve your process.


 We go the extra mile for your practice by helping you with marketing. Our team knows that your patients search for dentists through their phones. We can assist you in marketing if you need help getting patients through your door. Our team can help create a robust online presence for your practice. You can get a website from us with matching content to help people learn all about your excellent services. We can also assist in your social media campaign to help you get more visibility online.

In conclusion, our solutions can get you more money, assist your staff, give you favorable arrangements, help you with software and analytics, and promote your practice. Our team stands ready to help your practice grow.

Contact us now to improve your finances and learn what else we can help you with!

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