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What is the Difference Between Dental Billing And Medical Billing?

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Both dental billing and medical billing are alike. They both depend on a detailed understanding of the principles of coding and billing and an understanding of how insurance companies to process, receive, and pay claims.

This comprises information on how to:

  • send claims and code
  • which claim forms and code to use
  • and how to connect with insurance companies.

The dental billing services reduce the valuable time your office staff spends on the phone and document preparation. The dental billing and coding specialists guarantee a constant inflow of payments, which undoubtedly impacts the dentist’s patient influx, and service referrals. The insurance verification specialists work first, and they will make sure e all the required information regarding the patient’s coverage. When it comes to medical billing for dental the payment getting is not so easy. The dental work typically will get billed to dental insurance organisations. Medical insurance requirements need a few more steps and specific coding to ensure timely payment. The dental office staffs won’t process claims every day. The medical billing for dental offices does all the work with insurance companies. The dental offices use the services provided by OMS Partners.

The short answer is yes. Medical and dental claims require distinctly different forms of claim submission. They also require totally different information and procedure coding.

If you get this information wrong, you won’t be properly reimbursed and your collections will go down. That’s why we’re here to help you understand the big differences between what is required for a medical versus a dental claim.

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