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What Is Dental Insurance Verification?

There are several parts of RCM and Insurance Verification is one of them and it is one of the most important parts of this Cycle. This process determines whether not patient is eligible to receive the services and what Dental services are going to be covered. Mainly, there are two types of Insurance Benefit Verification, Basic and Detailed.


Basic Dental Insurance and Benefit Verification:

Basic Insurance Verification includes limited information about the Patient Insurance such as Coverage, Deductible, Co-insurance, and Annual Maximum. It depends on the Dental office what they want to be included in the basic Insurance Verification but usually these are the things included in the Basic verification. This information is enough for the Dental Practices that are in the business from a long time and have a lot of returning patients since they utilize this information to ensure that patient still has an active Dental Insurance Coverage, and they don’t really need the detailed information since they already have it due to patient being with them for a long.

Detailed Dental Insurance and Benefit Verification:

This Includes Category specific Co-insurance, History, Frequencies, waiting periods, Downgrades, Ortho Coverage, and other specific coverage that a Dental office may need plus everything that is in the Basic Insurance Verification. If you are a newly established Dental Practice, then you must verify Detailed Dental Insurance Benefits for all your patients assuming you don’t have any returning patients. Detailed Insurance benefits are necessary to provide accurate insurance estimates to your patients while creating their treatment plan and with accurate insurance estimates patient becomes aware of their financial responsibility.

Insurance benefit verification for Dental is very complex as compared to other specialities since it includes a lot of code specific information that other specialities don’t require. Nonetheless, if you have a good experience and knowledge of Dental then it’s not a much of challenge for you and you should be able to get the Benefits that are right for your Dentist.

We laid the foundation of One Dental Billing on the principle that “every dental office deserves a streamlined billing process.”

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