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What is copay in dental billing?

A copay is a fixed amount that an insured pays for covered services. It is an integral part of many health insurance plans. Insurers often charge a copayment for services such as doctor visits or prescription drugs.

Copay is a specific dollar amount rather than a percentage of the bill and is generally paid at the time of service. Not all medical services charge you a copay. For example, some insurance companies do not charge copayments for annual physical expenses.

A copayment, or copayment, is a predefined amount that you must pay before receiving any services or treatments covered by your insurance provider. An example of a copayment is if you purchased a dental insurance plan that includes a $15 copayment for teeth cleaning.

It is the patient responsibility which is a fixed amount. In Outsource Dental Solutions we ensure that all the copays are collected from the patients every time the preventive services are given. Copays can be $5, $20, and $25 as per Insurance.

We laid the foundation of One Dental Billing on the principle that “every dental office deserves a streamlined billing process.”

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