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Three Simple Tips for a WOW New Patient Phone Call in Dental Practice

Table of contents

• Introduction
• Tip #1 – Smile when you are talking
• Tip #2 – Get to know the patient
• Tip #3 – Always ask for an appointment
• Conclusion


The new patient phone call is the first crucial step in building relationships and trust with your patient. A positive experience during this call can have a significant impact on the patient, setting the stage for all future appointments and leading to referrals for your dental practice.

It’s important to take the time to deeply engage with the patient during this call, getting to know them and their dental history. Rushing through this call could cause you to lose out on potential new patients.

The power of a WOW experience cannot be overstated. With the right attitude, tone, and approach to the phone call, your patients will feel comfortable and eager to schedule appointments with your practice. The simple tips we offer can increase your chances of success and turn a hesitant caller into a committed patient.

Tip #1 – Smile when you are talking

The first phone call with a new patient can make or break their experience with your dental practice. It sets the tone for their future appointments and whether or not they will refer others to your practice. This is not a phone call to rush through! Drop everything you’re doing and give the patient your undivided attention.

Tip #1: Smile when you are talking! It may seem silly but smiling affects your voice and can be heard by the person on the other end of the phone. Train yourself to be bubbly on the phone with practice and have a mirror on your desk to see yourself smiling. The effect it has on your voice is worth it!

Don’t forget to connect with the caller on a personal level. Avoid jumping into insurance and details right away. Get to know the person by asking them who referred them, introducing the doctor, and talking about what sets your practice apart. Ask about their previous dental experiences to understand their concerns and how you can make their visit more comfortable.

Finally, always ask for an appointment. Even if the caller is unsure, suggest potential appointment times and make the process easy for them. This small gesture can make a huge difference in their decision to commit. Follow up with a call from the doctor to welcome them to the practice and reduce no-shows.

Remember, the power of a WOW experience can impact your practice’s growth and reputation. Use additional resources and scripts to improve your phone skills and connect with patients in a genuine way.

Tip #2 – Get to know the patient

Why rush through your first phone call with a new patient? At its core, it’s all about building relationships and trust. Don’t make the mistake of jumping straight into insurance and details. First, get to know the patient. Make them feel valued by asking who referred them and assuming they’re “raving about you.” Use the opportunity to introduce the doctor and what makes your practice special. Ask about their previous dental experiences, as this can help you make their visit with you more comfortable.

By taking a genuine interest in the patient, you’re not only making their experience more enjoyable, but you’re also paving the way for future appointments and referrals. Remember, word of mouth is one of the most potent sources of new business. Bundled in this call is an opportunity to truly connect with your prospective patients.

Creating a welcoming and personable experience for your patients is of utmost importance. By listening to their stories and concerns, your patient will be more comfortable and trust you more in the future. This will all show in your work as a dentist. Patients will speak about their experience with you to others, and it will work wonders to build your reputation and trust online.

In summary, this isn’t a phone call to rush through. As the dental practice that patients can turn to, you should prioritize making this phone call a WOW experience. The patient has taken the first step by calling, so let’s take the time to respond with genuine interest and enthusiasm. Following these simple tips will ensure that the patient’s first phone call sets the stage for other appointments and referrals in the future.

Tip #3 – Always ask for an appointment

Asking the new patient for an appointment may seem like a given, but it’s still imperative to always ask! Perhaps the caller is still shopping around for a new dental provider or isn’t sure they’re ready to commit. But don’t let that deter you from asking. Not only will this conversation give you a chance to address any reservations the caller may have, but it could also be the push they need to finally schedule their appointment with you.

Asking for an appointment doesn’t have to sound forceful. Instead, engage the patient with your enthusiasm for meeting them in person and explaining the benefits of a great dentist-patient relationship. Make sure to reduce any barriers that may prevent them from coming in for a visit. Offer flexibility in scheduling, remind them of the convenience of your location, and reassure them of the excellent care they will receive.

Once an appointment is set, anticipate a call from the doctor to seal the deal. This call may seem small, but it carries significant weight. Patients feel more assured and valued when the Doctor personally reaches out to them before their first appointment. A quick chat is all it takes to “seal the deal” and help eliminate potential no-shows.

In conclusion, asking for an appointment is more than just confirming a date. It’s a crucial piece in creating a positive, long-lasting relationship with your patients. Don’t forget that even if the patient sounds unsure, asking them about booking an appointment could be all the nudge they need. By reducing any barriers to setting the appointment and coupling that with a reassuring call from the Doctor, you’ll be on your way to creating a memorable, WOW experience for your new patient.


The power of a WOW experience cannot be overstated when it comes to the new patient phone call. It sets the tone for all future appointments and impacts their decision to schedule treatment with your practice. A positive experience on the phone can go a long way in building relationships and trust with your patients. This, in turn, can have a significant impact on your practice’s growth and reputation.

To further improve your phone skills and create more WOW experiences, there are additional resources and scripts you can use. Investing time to train your team and improve the patient experience will pay off in the long run. Remember to keep smiling, get to know the patient, and always ask for an appointment. These simple tips can make a big difference in converting prospective patients into loyal customers.

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