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How to avoid denials due to frequency in dental billing?

As you know, most (not all but most) insurance plans start on January 1 of each year. These dental plans are now starting to deny certain procedure codes due to frequency and here’s why; Most dental plans only allow 2 exams per year.

These exams range from Periodic (D0120), Limited (D0140), and Comprehensive Exams (D0150). If a patient came in for the regular two Periodics this year, but also came in for a Limited – whether it be in your office or another dental practice OR specialty practice – they are still only allowed TWO exams per year, thus they will deny the 3rd, 4th, and so on. These will be the patient’s responsibility to pay for these, and collecting this money up front will SAVE you the headache of TRYING to collect later. IT’S ALWAYS BETTER TO COLLECT UP FRONT!!


The other codes we see being denied this time of year due to frequencies are Fluorides, Prophys, and Xrays. Please remember that many insurance plans are different, some allow more frequencies and some allow less, but the majority of plans allow:

  • 2 Evaluations Per Year
  • 2 Cleanings Per Year (Some must be spaced out 6 months+1 Day)
  • 1 Fluoride Per Year (Over age 18)
  • 1 Set of BWX Per 12 months
  • 1 FMX or Pano every 3 Years (Some are 5!!)


On the topic of Xrays, be aware that insurance companies will downgrade BWX + Pano taken on the same day to an FMX. If you are in-network, you must take this adjustment down to the FMX fee. Also, if you take BWX + 4 PA’s, this will also likely be downgraded to an FMX, and if the patient recently had a Pano or FMX in the past 3 years, they will not pay for any of it!

Get that patient payment before they walk out of your office and avoid denials due to frequency!


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