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How Does Dental Billing Outsourcing Increase Your Billing Collection Rate?

Firstly To solve the challenging process of billing and maintain a seamless cash flow, dental businesses require a solid structure. Therefore Prioritizing and concentrating on delivering the greatest possible therapy and care to the patients. Often, dental professionals are unable to commit sufficient time to improving their billing process. As a result, the practice’s financial flow has been disturbed, claims have been refused, and income has been cut. So we need Outsourcing Dental Billing Services.

What Can Be Outsourced?

Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing Companies provide an array of services apart from end-to-end Medical Billing Services.

  • Appointment Scheduling and Patient registration
  • Insurance Eligibility and Benefit Verification
  • Dental Billing and Coding
  • AR Follow up and Denial Management
  • Handling Old AR and aging claims
  • Physician Credentialing and Re-credentialing

When should you outsource your dental billing?

While the majority of practices require outsourcing their billing services, one should not do it just for the purpose of it. Usually, the right time to outsource is when there is:

  • Insurance Collection Ratio Of <90%
  • An Increase In Patient Complaints About The Experience
  • Increase In Claim Denials
  • Delay In Insurance Payments
  • Reduced Allowable Amounts
  • The High Turnover Rate Of Front Office Or Administrative Staff

Do you think it’s time to switch?

As practices get tighter, patients become more demanding, and accounts receivable as well as insurance processing falls to the wayside. Healthcare professionals will start to see restricted cash flow, angry patients, inaccurate balances, and a cobweb of financial problems.

How it will Increase Your Billing Collection Rate?

  • Outsourcing can help your practice save 30-40% on operational costs
  • It will give more time to dentists to focus on core medical activities
  • Office efficiency will improve
  • Administrative costs will be reduced
  • Profits will get maximized
  • Medical billing process will get streamlined

Billing companies offer a skilled team of coders and billers who make use of the latest technology to handle dental billing process. From charge entry, scheduling and payment posting to AR follow-ups, collections and insurance verifications, specialized billing services can help dental practices ensure maximum revenue.

We laid the foundation of One Dental Billing on the principle that “every dental office deserves a streamlined billing process.”

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