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What’s Inside Dental Insurance Billing Process?

Dental Insurance Billing

Dental Insurance Billing is not just “sending a claim”! It’s making sure you have all of the details needed to ensure your claim will be sent successfully and processed properly.

I used to believe that if the claim got paid it was done right. With over 20 years of dental billing under my belt. I have learned that it is so much more than pushing send!

It all starts with collecting information from your patients to ensure the insurance company
computer can identify the patient and verify they are eligible! Even if you do have all the
correct insurance data; that doesn’t ensure you are going to be paid for the dental treatment
codes you are sending!

Here are a few items we make sure we have to make sure your dental claims are successfully
prepared and sent:

Insurance Company
*History of tooth

These are some of the items we need to ensure we can successfully prepare a dental claim to be sent and paid without delay. There are other factors that we check each time we prepare a claim for your patients!

We pride ourselves on being thorough so you enjoy the benefits of expedited claim processing and quick payments. resulting in increased revenue and lower accounts receivable.

If your admin team needs support to give them more time to take care of your patients
and improve the profitability of your practice. let The Dental Butler work for you! You will be surprised how easy the transition is and how nice it is to have us on your team!

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We laid the foundation of One Dental Billing on the principle that “every dental office deserves a streamlined billing process.”

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